Design & Construction


For over twenty years, Walker Bay has combined functional innovation and advanced engineering to create a line of award winning dinghies that make life easy for all kinds of boaters. Walker Bay’s design team, combine their talents as international boat designers with hands-on knowledge and expertise of high performance sailors.


Through our unique and technologically advanced process of high-pressure injection molding, comes a one-piece seamless hull that is lightweight, maintenance free, UV protected, incredibly durable, and backed by a 10 year limited warranty. No other hull can compare. Walker Bay uses a high-pressure injection molding manufacturing process to maintain precision and quality of finish.

With our hands-on fine finishing, diligent attention to detail and 10-year hull warranty, you can be assured of the finest quality.


What’s more, this type of manufacturing process is entirely environmentally friendly, and is 100% recyclable. More than just a smart choice, this is a boat you can feel good about owning.


Walker Bay’s rigid dinghies are manufactured using state-of-the-art-injection molds, which enable the highest level of finishing and accuracy, providing detail and features that no other manufacturing process can achieve. Precisely pre-measured DuraLITE™ composite resin is injected into a 82-ton steel mold with over 8,000 tons of clamp force. The result is a superior one-piece hull that is lightweight and extremely durable with no seams or joints to crack or leak. Custom-engineered UV resistant resins are used to create a long-lasting boat that has a superior strength-to-weight ratio over other materials.

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