Dinghies & Sail Kits FAQ

Dinghies & Sailkits

What type of boat is the Rigid Dinghy?

The Walker Bay Rigid Dinghy, available in 8ft or 10ft, is a one-piece (monohull) boat and features a lapstrake hull design, which is excellent for rowing, sailing and motoring at harbour speeds.

I have left my boat in storage for the winter, and it is off center. How do I fix this?

Our boats are injection molded, and will always return to the factory shape after being left in the sun.

What are these boats made of?

Rigid Dinghies are formed from a polypropylene composite resin in a high-pressure injection molding process. This creates a seamless, durable hull that is impact resistant and UV protected.

I have damaged my boat, how would I fix it?

It is very unlikely that you will damage your Walker Bay Rigid Dinghy. However, if this occurs, you can contact your local auto-body shop and get a quote for “bumper repair” as the boat can be repaired by them in this manner.

I have a very old Walker Bay dinghy and the drain plug is in the bottom.  I need a replacement, can you tell me where to get one?

This drain plug is still available from the manufacturer Ronstan.  It is part number RF 294.  We also offer this direct online here: CLICK HERE

What bottom paint can I use on the plastic hull?

The nature of Polypropylene is that things rarely stick to it which is nice so many people don’t need to use bottom paint.  If you are in an area really bad for this however you can use Interlux MICRON CF (copper free) bottom paint which is the best option and will work with the Polypropylene hull.

What shaft length motor should I use with a WB8 or WB10?

You should use a short shaft motor of 15″ shaft length.

Are there any maintenance tips to keeping your oars?

Please check the condition of your oars/wooden shafts before the summer. If the oars/wooden shafts are fine but the varnish is damaged, please remove the damaged varnish and apply 2-3 layers of urethane varnish. When the wooden oars are not in use, please store them in a dry place, away from sunshine.  This way they will last longer.

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